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The Ranch

The Fall City Wallaby Ranch

The Fall City Wallaby Ranch is a ten acre privately owned property located in the lush green Snoqualmie Valley in Fall City, Washington.  Known by the Native Indian Tribes as “The Valley of The Moon” for the magnificent visual lunar displays, the Snoqualmie Valley is a beautiful green lowland paradise initiated to the East by the spectacular Snoqualmie Falls and bisected by the mighty Snoqualmie River driven by the snow melts and perpetual springs from the world renowned Cascade Mountain Range.  The Wallaby Ranch property is part of a desirable private airpark, bordered on the South side by the Fall City Airport and as such is accessible from all directions by land, river or even by private aircraft.  The Fall City Wallaby Ranch is the home of owners Rex and Tawny Paperd, an acre of grassy Wallaby and Kangaroo playgrounds, two acres of aircraft parking, private access roads and seven acres of Equestrian paradise. The Fall City Wallaby Ranch is a USDA Licensed and Inspected Facility dedicated to the breeding of world class Gray and Albino Bennetts Wallabies and Red Kangaroos.  We also provide the Snoqualmie Valley area with educational and emotional services through Equestrian and Exotic Animal interaction.