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Kangaroo Country's Roos

 Bennetts Wallabies

Victoria Secret: Victoria Secret was the Fall City Wallaby Ranch’s first baby and instilled the confidence in us that led to our dedication to the mission of “sharing the Joey” of Wallaby ownership with others. Victoria’s loving nature and beautiful spirit has proven to be indefatigable and hereditary. Victoria dearly loved to run through the house, down the hallway, through the living room, from chair to couch to chair and back again. Victoria also taught our Doberman how to be best friends with a wallaby.

Trillion Kisses: Trillion earned his name while an infant as it was immediately clear that something about him was as rare and special as a Trillion cut diamond. Trillion’s daddy was a strong albino boy and Trillion went on to produce albino babies from grey females. Trillion Kisses became his full name when his incessant desire to cover his family with kisses became apparent. Trillion matured with incredible mass and strength providing clear evidence that the Fall City Wallaby Ranch had a “King” male Wallaby on their hands. When fully grown and before his untimely loss in 2007, “The Mighty Trillion Kisses” tipped the scale at 63 pounds.

Thor: Thor joined the Fall City Wallaby Ranch as a juvenile when about 12 months of age. Thor was as wild as a March Hare when we procured him in hopes of developing a method of helping to answer the many questions that arise when wild caught Bennetts Wallabies (like Thor) are shipped to the United States from New Zealand. Over the period of about 18 months, we earned Thor’s trust and he developed into a beautiful and very red colored breeder. Thor was our choice of mates for Victoria Secret and the combined qualities of the pair produces incredible beauty and temperament in each of their offspring.

Vanna: Vanna Anna was adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch when she was a 6 pound infant. We paired her with “The Mighty Trillion Kisses” as she is another half albino grey with a gentle spirit and lovely facial features. Vanna has become a faithful and stable producer of many of the prettiest babies born at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch. Vanna is a very feminine and gentle girl who has produced more beautiful little girls than any other female we have ever had.

Vanessa: Vanessa is our beloved little girl known as our “Cessna” for the way that she holds her little ears straight out sideways instead of upright. Nessy is the full and successive sister to Victoria Secret and like Vickie, dearly loves to be held and cuddled. Vanessa loved her pouch and slept in it, hanging on our headboard, until she was over 20 pounds.  Vanessa is also paired with Thor and produced a stunning little girl with the same habit of holding her ears horizontally. We were so taken with Nessy’s little Cessna eared baby girl that we named her Veronica and kept her selfishly for ourselves!!

Veronica: Veronica, as mentioned above is the petite and feminine product of the pairing of Vanessa and Thor here at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch. With the spunky attitude and ears of her mom, along with the special coloring and facial features of her dad, Veronica is a truly special little girl. Paired with “The Mighty Trillion Kisses”, Veronica proudly produced the first albino baby born to a grey Wallaby at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch.

Trey: Trey is an incredible sociable little neutered male who has been everybody’s best friend here at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch since he came for us to baby sit in August of 2006. Trey was a boy we procured for friends years before and when his adoptive mom and dad became unable to keep him due to unfavorable housing conditions, we welcomed him here. Trey is our perfect example for those who might want a Wallaby or two but do not want to breed, a case where we often recommend neutered males.

Virginia: Virginia was adopted as an infant by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in February of 2007. Virginia has the sweetest little personality we have ever seen in a little girl who refused to get in her pouch by the age of 9 months. Ginny was the feature baby in a charity benefit for the American Cancer Society in 2007 where she patiently socialized for two hours while over 200 photographs were taken of contributors getting their photographs taken with a Roo!! Paired with Snow, Virginia produces the most incredible split albino babies!

Valencia: Valencia is the stunning product of the lovely “Veronica” and “The Mighty Trillion Kisses” and is the Grand Daughter of the Fall City Wallaby Ranch’s “Vanessa” and “Thor.” Little Valencia takes after her Great Aunt “Victoria Secret” in her love of running through the house. She has the strong spirit and feminine features of her mom and the endless kissing characteristic of her daddy.

Albino Bennetts Wallabies

Apollo: Apollo was the first full albino brought to the Fall City Wallaby Ranch and quickly confirmed for us the reputedly gentle and laid back personalities of the albino variety of Bennetts Wallabies. Apollo grew up in the house with “Trillion Kisses” and “Vanna Anna” and is a large and gentle soul who has sired many perfect albino babies.

Velvet: Velvet is a stunningly beautiful and incredibly perfect, large and tame example of the rare and desirable albino variety. Velvet was adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in 2004 and spent over a year in our house. Velvet was a perfect lady, slept on the floor of our bedroom at night and on our bed most of the time when she was not to be found elsewhere. She loved the Christmas tree and to unwrap the Christmas presents. Velvet and her mate, the equally special “Apollo” show unusual signs of being in love and have produced the sweetest and most affectionate babies we have ever seen anywhere. We are not biased!!!!

Snow: Snow is without question the sweetest and most animated little boy we have. We adopted Snow from a breeder who offered him for sale to one of our clients at only 2 pounds and 2 ounces. We considered him premature and seriously at risk to be lost if sold to someone who would bottle him only every four hours. We drove over 3600 miles to bring Snow home and found him to require a bottle every 2 to 3 hours to maintain. While on our way to pick the new baby up, we stopped in Lead South Dakota for fuel during a blizzard and decided we would be safest to continue East through the storm to our destination. Upon our return home, via a different route of travel, we clipped an article from the Seattle Times that described the blizzard we had driven through in South Dakota as having dropped 59.5 inches of snow in a little town called LEAD SOUTH DAKOTA before letting up. Any question where Snow got his name? The Great Snow Man has now take n the job of “The Mighty Trillion Kisses” as our main mob breeder and sired his first baby girl with “Virginia” in 2008.

Vanilla: Vanilla is the first beautiful albino girl born of the pairing of the perfect couple “Velvet” and “Apollo.” Vanilla is being adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch and will be added to the mob with our loving “Snow” and is anticipated to be as stunning as her mom and her dad. We are looking forward to updating the photographs of our long awaited baby girl Vanilla and to seeing the product of her pairing with the “Great Snow Man.”

Common Wallaroo

Mickey was adopted by the Fall City Wallaby Ranch in the summer of 2005. Mickey was a little over 15 pounds and had been hand reared by an individual in Las Vegas, where we flew and brought him home. He had lost his girl friend a short time earlier to an accident and had experienced a good deal of trauma as a result. Wallaroos are regularly lost due to stresses caused by the loss of a mate and regularly lost following a change of homes so we hoped to offer him as good a chance of survival as he could possibly have. Mickey became “The Mouse in Daddys House” for a month or so, living with Rocky and immediately adopted the counter of our laundry room as his own. Mickey Mouse is a stunning and rare red variety of Common Wallaroo, has thrived at the Fall City Wallaby Ranch and we are blessed and very happy to have and to share him with others!!  Mickey is now "Mickey, the mouse in daddy's house."

Red Kangaroo

Rocky the Red Kangaroo was adopted and moved to the Fall City Wallaby Ranch as a 4 pound infant in 2005. Rocky grew up sharing our bed, our pillows, and our hearts as he lived in our house for over a year. Rocky has been the feature macropod in our “Bring a Roo to Your Room” program, done dozens of charity benefit programs and Senior Center programs all over the State of Washington. We once performed an educational presentation at a large Senior Center in Seattle where after our short lecture we answered questions and Tawny circulated with an infant Wallaby while people came on stage to pet Rocky. One of the Gentleman attendees raised his hand after our presentation and said “I have no question, but an observation.” “When you finished your presentation” he continued. “You asked us if anyone had ever held or even petted a Wallaby or Kangaroo, and we all said no. There are over 150 of us in attendance here tonight and we probably average 80 years of age. You know, that is over 12,000 years of experience in this room and none of us has ever had an opportunity to do this. Thank You.” After drying my eyes, I thanked him as well. The man answered the question for all, of why the Fall City Wallaby Ranch was founded.