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Qualifications For Adopting An Infant Bennetts Wallaby

The Fall City Wallaby Ranch is most interested in finding qualified homes for the infant Wallabies who are born at the Ranch.  There are few, yet important requirements for qualification to adopt.  These requirements include:

1.)  Families or individuals, who are intending to adopt a baby, must be interested and willing to raise a “baby”.  Infant wallabies are entirely dependent on their mom for feeding, potty stimulation and entertainment and as such require a considerable commitment in time and attention for 3 to 4 months as they gain independence and confidence.  New babies receive six bottles per day as well as their start on developing a taste for solid foods and should be held, loved and socialized as much as possible to develop a well rounded and personable nature.

2.)  Adoptive parents must be able to provide housing with an outdoor enclosure, large enough for their Wallaby to exercise and have access to ample grazing and browsing area.  Shelter, shaded areas and provisions for protection from extremes of temperature are a must.  Consideration must be given for vigilant attention to the need to protect your Wallaby from predators, neighborhood dogs and cats as well.

3.)  Adoptive parents must be financially capable of providing for proper feeding, housing and medical attention as needed.

4.)  Adoptive parents must be personally stable and have stable homes to properly provide for the raising of an exotic animal with the special needs of a Wallaby.

5.)  Adoptive parents must be willing to travel to the Fall City Wallaby Ranch to pick up their baby or to finance the personal delivery of their baby to them.  The Fall City Wallaby Ranch will not ship a bottle baby with other than personal care.  If you are adopting and raising your first Wallaby, the Fall City Wallaby Ranch will provide vehicular transportation (upon arrival in Seattle), housing and care training to qualified Adoptive Parents for as many days as is necessary to learn to properly care for their new baby.

6.)  The Fall City Wallaby Ranch should be contacted to answer any questions you may have.  No two cases are the same and no two babies are the same.  We are happy to work with you to determine what may be the best for your circumstances and on the specifics of how to set up your facility or deal with the technicalities of Wallaby ownership.